Music in Casinos: The Effect of Sound on Gaming Lovers

As soon as you enter a casino, the visitor is generally greeted by a few pleasant sounds. Music in the casino? This is an important topic, at least for casino operators. It is important to create a pleasant atmosphere for gambling enthusiasts, and music plays a big part in this.

In no case should the music be selected in such a way that the player feels disturbed in any way? This would be downright fatal, as many visitors would then likely leave the casino quickly. By the way, all fans of online slot machines know that music can be boring. But online casinos have the great advantage of being able to turn off the sound at any time. This option does not exist in casinos, so operators must ensure that the music appeals to all visitors.

Why even music in a casino? If a casino did not play music at all, the atmosphere would be very dry. It may not bother some visitors. But for many gambling enthusiasts, a visit to the casino is almost like a party opportunity. It is, therefore, perfectly normal for music to be played. Many casinos have a dedicated music specialist on the team.

Sometimes, external service providers are also used to make sense of the casino’s music program. In no case should a casino have the idea of ​​playing any type of music as it pleases? It can backfire very quickly. Music can have a positive but also a negative effect on the human psyche. But the idea that music can brainwash people is, of course, also completely exaggerated. However, no one should underestimate the fact that casinos use music for the specific purpose of having a positive effect on business. This is also completely legitimate. Even in all supermarkets, music is played to make customers feel good, so they can buy a little more than expected.

Different music for small and big games

When a casino talks about a little game, it’s the slot machines. The big games or classic games are table games, for example, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and poker. It is very interesting to pay attention to the music that is played in the different rooms of a casino. At the entrance, very calm and contemplative music is generally played, which should create an inviting atmosphere. The music is similar to the big game. But in general, the music is quieter directly at the tables than at the entrance, because the table games are communication games. On the one hand, players must communicate with the dealer.

On the other hand, there is also the possibility of having a conversation with the other players. This is particularly evident in poker. Besides, at many poker tables, no music is played, at least when it comes to a lot of money. It also differs from one gambling house to another. For table games, classical music is often used, where quieter tones are chosen. Jazz is also very appropriate; you have to be careful not to play Charlie Parker & Co. but rather soft and smooth jazz. It also plays a role in ensuring that the music appeals to as many visitors as possible, which is certainly not the case for more extreme jazz variations.

The 6 Most Popular Casino Games

The casino and its various games are always on the rise with the general public. It is, however, proven that only luck is a guarantee of success, as in Loto. Even though several malicious people have tried, by several ingenious means, to defraud the casinos, security has evolved at the same time, and the casinos continue to raise tons of money, and the common man remains attracted by the lure of the easy gain they offer a small anthology of games found in gambling halls.

Slot machines

No strategy or skill is required to play this game. Slot machines are the simplest game for everyone. Just pull the lever and hope that the images align, to hit the jackpot. It is the most popular game for users and the most lucrative for owners. It is also, unfortunately, the biggest responsible for gambling pathologies.


Its creation is subject to several legends and stories, and it is hard to know precisely when it appeared. It is interesting to know that European roulette and American roulette are different. In the USA, the advantage is more in the bank after adding a new box, the double zero (in Mexico, there is also the triple zero box). Except for material faults, each game round is subject to change and does not allow the calculation of winning combinations.


Like most casino games, it appeared, especially, with the popularity of gambling, in the 19th century. It is also the first game on this list to be played with cards. He has gained enormous notoriety by being the favorite game of James Bond in James Bond against Dr. No, Just for your eyes, Goldeneye, etc.


Although it is a game of chance, it can also be partly controlled by abilities to bluff or interpret the reactions of opponents. Moreover, even if it naturally prevailed in casinos, poker has taken off and is played everywhere and even offers the luxury of organizing its own tournaments and championships. And even if its great popularity comes from the 19th century in the USA where it was played a lot, it is the oldest game on the list and strongly resembles an old Iranian game called “as nas”. The casino directors have not lost sight of poker, and, on the contrary, to offer this game within their walls, they have adapted the image of the game to slot machines with simplistic rules.


This game is mainly played in North America and does not have the same success in Europe. He is sometimes present in the cinema or in Anglo-Saxon series, as the scene in Friends or Monica decides to marry Chandler thanks to the lucky dice that she has. But also, once again, in James Bond and more specifically in The Diamonds are eternal.


The goal is simple: get 21 or more than the bank, owned by the dealer wanting to make you lose. If everything is done to be lucky, this is one of the only games where techniques can help the player to win. The best known of course is card counting, like in Rain Man or Las Vegas 21. If this technique is not officially prohibited by law, it is often very frowned upon by establishments, and you may not be able to enter it anytime soon.